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Try our beta app now! Pepul Pepul
Try our beta app now! Pepul Pepul

Pepul Create your community in the real world!

Pepul is the new age Safest Social Network, where people share their beautiful life stories and skills. Our hyperlocal model helps people to connect safely without fear with nearby like minded people and create their communities in real life.

How Pepul will do that?


Anonymous users - Please stay away!

Being anonymous is the first factor, that makes a user brave enough to spread hatred and involve in illegal activities online. We strongly block these kinds of users and allow and encourage only the “verified profiles” on Pepul by undergoing strong verification steps online.


Your Privacy is our Priority

We always value everyone's privacy and we as a company don't want to run behind you by tracking your data. Honestly, we are not a platform that has a dependence on users' data to make money. We have our unique model for monetization, which provides value for everyone in Pepul with your consent.

Come . Connect . Celebrate

PepulCelebrate the people for being their own!

Let's make the world even more beautiful. Express your originality by spreading positivity and connect with amazing people around you to explore your positive shades of life in real-time. That's why Pepul is here for you!


PepulPeople about Pepul

Here are a few words about the Pepul app from our beta users community...


As a woman, this is the 1st ever social media app, where I felt super safe than any other apps, in sharing my family & kids photos. I didn't feel like, I am in the middle of strangers. Instead, I was connected with the safe community of positive people and it was a warm feeling. So happy to connect with this great privacy & culture-filled social network.

- Porkodi Jeyachandran



Nowadays, YouTubers know the competition and efforts needed to create & sustain the channel on Youtube. As a fellow new YouTuber, I have an idea of being an early adopter to a new emerging platform. So that, when it raises to a huge stage with millions of users once after releasing, I am able to get my huge follower base, just because am an early creator. Surprisingly, I found & joined this platform - "Pepul" which is going to satisfy my idea. This is absolutely a great growing platform and very soon going to fulfil the needs of fellow content creators like me!

- Joel Thomas



I am a cycling lover and love to get into adventurous journeys with my bike. Eventually, I tried out pepul and there got the unexpected surprise. Got connected with the community of biking lovers in my surrounding location. So thankful for the Pepul, which helped me to create our biking fun-filled community and great experience.

- Ashwin



I am a piano player since my early college days. For artists like me, little appreciation meant a lot that helps us to grow more in our passion. Till before joining Pepul, I have never witnessed those appreciations and celebrations on any other social media. I just expressed my talent here with the positive community and believe it or not, I got connected with the fellow nearby musicians and created our own band. It's a very new surprising experience that this social network helped a lot to propel my passion in reality.

- M.K.R. Hari



Everyone is sharing their life happenings on social media. But, nowadays content is overloaded everywhere. With curiosity, I joined pepul to find out what’s new. Personally, I don’t have so much time to search and go through the stories of my friends. But always I wish I could. Surprisingly, in Pepul I am able to easily skim through my close friends' daily stories and trending happenings around me. Overall I love this new social experience and the people in the community.

- Sargunaraja


What will you get here, which are not anywhere around?


Great positive platform & community which is filled with "verified genuine users" only.


You can freely connect with like-minded people without any fear & Create your community based on your interests and likes.


"Quality over quantity"! High-quality engaging, entertaining content from the real verified users.


Your content and other user data will be safe & secured with high privacy.


Bringing people close together more in "Offline rather than Online", with our hyperlocal network features.


Pepul in the News

"Chennai-based Pepul aims to break the existing social media clutter"

Pepul is a new-age social network with a huge focus on security and safety. It aims to help like-minded people connect online and then create communities offline.

"The great Indian social media dream"

India’s social platforms are seeing traction but they also have to tackle the big issues from the start—policy, moderation and civil discourse

Pepul Community

You are the people who are the future of this next-generation social platform from India! Join us and be the forerunner of our revolution!

Core Community

Pepul"United we stand, Divided we fall"

Our core community members are everything to us. We want to fill these limited community members with the people who love and support our vision all the time. We are very eager to interact, collaborate with each and everyone who participates in our community.


Pepul Join the revolution and be a part of the history

Together we can create history by building a global social product from India. Join us and give a hand. Together we can do great things.


Pepul We live and breathe technology.

We are "World's most Valuable developers, Intel Black Belts, World's Top Innovators for 2016 and 2017, 3 Time World Wide Developer Challenge Winners!"


Intel BlackBelts


World's Most Valuable Developers


Top Innovators 2016 & 2017


Worldwide Developer Challenge


Pepul is simply a Social media platform to share your stories & skills with your loved ones and with the world. It is built from India for the world with its unique and new user experience, culture, values, and other features.

A great team led by a humble leader. Our Founder and CEO Suresh Kumar G has been awarded the world’s most valuable developers by Intel. He has also been awarded the Top Innovators of 2016 & 2017. Suresh has previously bootstrapped a million-dollar company with George. They are also awarded the Intel Black Belts, the highest recognition for worldwide developers by Intel.

Pepul community is simply the troop of people, who support our vision - “A social network from India” and wants to travel in all aspects and support us.

In addition to the pepul app, we want to do a lot of good philanthropic things for society. A few examples are Tree planting across various districts, necessary helps to orphanages, providing education to orphan kids, etc. Pepul community people can contribute their support for these good things in their localities.

No. Pepul is a clean and new platform for sharing the stories and moments that happen in real life and it’s not like other entertainment, lip-sync apps (Dubsmash, musically, or TikTok.)

Pepul is built from India but for the world with no locality & user base restrictions. So, simply an app from India for the world.

Yes, it's available in the playstore & for iOS, it's available in testflight. Pepul is in the early access beta stage for the users. It's not yet publicly launched.

We are inviting & gathering a particular user base for Pepul’s beta testing. With the type form, we are just collecting the basic user details like user name, email ID, and mobile number for communication purposes with beta users.

Yes, we envision building the app with great positive culture with several content moderations & restricting the anonymous users. It’s safe for everyone to use.

We are different from typical mobile apps and other existing popular social networks. We always value the user’s data and strictly “Not going to sell it” for the random pop-up and timeline ads. Pepul aims to be free from ads that target your browsing history and cookies. We are trying to build the safest social media network with secured user data on our end.

Pepul aims to be a privacy-first safe social media network for everyone, that can make people’s lives better than before. Here anyone can share their stories & skills and create their interest-based community in a positive way.

On the pepul website, click the "Join Community/Join the revolution" button. You can join directly in our telegram group, where all our pepul community members gather together for this positive mission.