Jan 26th, 2022 | 5 mins read
Pepul … Once a dream without a name … Now a Baby … Tomorrow it will be a household name …

It all started with a strong conviction and value system years ago to build the safest social network with high user privacy from India for the world.
More importantly, it's all built by the humble team and everyone comes from different cultural backgrounds mostly from remote places in India not from Stanford's, Harvard’s or IITs.
On this first special milestone moment I would humbly thank the common people, friends, well wishers, community members, our investors, close friends, my family and supporters. We are happy to do this without any celebrity launches 🚀 just with people power
All we had is a lagaan team, many thought it's a constraint, we have a lot of challenges, technology, financial and many more.
I always say to my team this is our strength and the kick is winning with this team and not having everything.
What we have is the best team in the world. We can create history and touch millions if we work hard.
It's been years of Verithanamana ( ferocious) hard work, when you start you can always have that high energy and enthusiasm but to carry it every day continuously for a year without seeing the daylight travelling in a tunnel is only possible because the entire team believes in one vision.
Everyone travelled only with the ray of hope following one vision. It's all God's Grace and a great team.
When we launch, we know people have choices in hand and they will immediately compare our baby who is just born with other huge companies who are multi-billion dollar companies and have a huge team and evolved the product over years.
We know if we can work hard, be sincere, our vision to connect people and feel them safe and secure we will win.
We can't fight them with the features but we can fight them by giving a great user experience focusing on safety, culture and trust.
Many days has been tough, but all we did is move one step ahead and did a great job. We know still, we can do many more, we have lots of ideas and a huge roadmap. We are coming on Jan 26th 2022.
Many didn't believe as it was crazy and huge and few dropped after Covid situations as it was dark. But these tough times makes us stronger and gives me Annnamali Moment 🔥 to go stronger
" Many closed and well-wishers said you can release it in the USA so Indians look proud and celebrate when it comes from the west and don’t celebrate in-house talents and innovators. "
I was very particular that we had to launch from India and that too on Republic day or Independence Day. We are building something for people and we wanted to do it from India.
I am sure our people will support if the product is good and it’s an evolution process.
It's a great feeling to see the vision come true in hand after years of hard work from the entire team.
The feeling is like going into the World Cup finals … With all your support we can win big together
All you need is a dream, strong conviction, passion and then it will bring the right team, investors, like-minded people and we will win as a team.
Inviting every one of you for Jan 26th Digital Launch 🚀
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