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What is Pepul Creators?

Pepul Creators is a platform built for content creators that enables creators to earn money from subscriptions by offering video-based content for their audience, without any ads.

  • Pepul

    Monetisation Made Easy

    From Day 1 your content is eligible for monetisation. So, you can focus on what matters most—making videos!

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    Be among the first 1000!

    Due to excessive demand from the creators community, the platform is currently open only for the first 1000 creators. So, get started now!

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    Break the Barrier

    At Pepul Creators, there is no barrier between creators and the platform—the team supports you closely in your creation journey.

How to become a Pepul Creator?

Watch this video to know everything about Pepul Creators!

Creator's Testimonials

Creator's Eligibilty

Pepul prioritises quality content, which matters the most to the Pepul Community.

  • You are passionate about video-based content creation.

  • You create quality content that our users find compelling to watch.

  • You are ready to produce impactful long-form videos..

  • You are interested in creating Exclusive Content that isn't available on other platforms (not mandatory).

How much can I earn as a Creator?

You own 100% of your revenue. Currently, Pepul does not charge any platform fee from your earnings.

Your can earn




1,00,000 / Month for 10 Months

Start earning in 4 steps!

  • 01

    Start posting non-exclusive long-form videos.

  • 02

    After you post 5 non-exclusive videos, you become eligible to apply for the Pepul Pro Creators Program.

  • 03

    When you become a Pepul Pro Creator, your channel is eligible for monetisation.

  • 04

    You can then post exclusive videos, and earn ₹1/ month per subscriber from the Day 1 of your first exclusive video.

  • PepulPepul believes creators should have financial freedom.

  • Pepul

    Creators also have
    • dreams.
    • bills to pay.
    • rents.
    • EMI's
    • a family to take care of.
    • Friends to party with.
    • a life.

  • PepulPepul enables you with a platform that gives you predictable, transparent, and consistent income every month, just your friends getting salaries on time! You can focus on your creativity rather than money.

Content Guidelines

  • Pepul emphasises on quality content and how it impacts the audience positively.

  • Typically, these are educational, informative, entertainment or insightful video content that add value for our users, teach them something new, or help them in their real life.

  • It is recommended that creators refrain from using offensive language, inaccurate information, as well as politics, adult, and religious references.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone with an interest in content creation. So whether you're just starting out with content creation or looking to grow your existing audience, Pepul Creators is the right platform for you!

Why not? Pepul created this platform with creators in mind because we believe that together, we can build a better Creatorpreneur Economy.
We want to make sure that every creator has an equal opportunity to succeed, and our mission is to empower all creators by providing them with the right platform they need to grow their own audience.

An exclusive content is a video that you create specifically for the Pepul Creators Platform and the same content is not available on any of your other digital handles.
A non-exclusive content is a video which is available already on your other digital handles and you only repost it on Pepul.

Yes, you can. But, it is not eligible for monetisation as of now.
However, you get high chances to become a Pro Creator when you perform well on the platform. Also, you get paid directly from your subscribers if you become a Pro Creator.

Any type of content that feels interesting for the audience to watch.
Pepul does not encourage content which features inaccurate information, vulgarity, prank, abusive or adult, and religious references.

It is good to be consistent. The more you post, the more it engages the audience. Your consistency is what decides how many subscriptions happen to your channel. So, consistency is the key!