The Ten Principles of


  • We operate on high trust and we expect the same from you. We don't believe in papers (NDA), we believe in people (You) and are giving this build your hands with trust only.
  • Any posts that you upload (Photos, videos, and stories) may get deleted, missed, or wiped off as this is a private beta version. But we always try our best to secure all content and avoid errors at maximum. This is simply a sandbox mode.
  • We trust our community people so much and sharing our initial build with all of you to make a better version for the world. This is so confidential at this stage. Our only request to all of you is not to share any screenshots or screen recordings with anyone beyond this community members' boundary before the public launch. Strictly, violations are not encouraged.
  • All of you here know that this is a private beta version. Because of this, there may be limitations in the app and a lot more features are in the pipeline and yet to come after iterations. We request you to bear and cooperate with us on this. We are open to feedback, ideas, and positive criticism. You will be a part of this journey only. So, you will not own any IP in Pepul and will not be given any ownership.
  • We always value data privacy & safety than any others. We assure you that any kind of data collected from the beta users is completely secured on our end and it is collected only for communication with users and identity verification.
  • On pepul, mutual respect is very important. We expect this between you and us and with all the community members throughout this journey. Never ever harass, bully, or spam others in the community. If we found any such activities, that person/persons will be completely banned from pepul. In addition to that, the required action will be taken on concerned members.
  • We always welcome all to post your original content and stories on Pepul. But it's also okay to post any random content which is positive and feels good on the platform. Strictly, we don't allow uploading content with other platform's watermark or logo in it. Please ensure that before posting your content.
  • To enable privacy-first and safe social media, everyone's original identity is very important on Pepul. So don't use fake identities and create anonymous profiles. Those profiles will be automatically removed by multiple security screenings on Pepul.
  • We have all the rights to delete & remove your content, profile from the platform at any time, if it is found abusive or not following the platform guidelines.
  • We will be 100% transparent and honest in all dealings with you. Our community is so special to us than you think and each member of the community will be rewarded for sure for the values they bring to the Pepul.