"To become the World's 1st Positive

Safest Social Network

From India, that will touch billions of People's lives!"


Pepul ndia is the 2nd largest populated country in the world with an average age of 26 years. A country filled with millions of youngsters is the main target for many existing social media apps and companies to use the future minds to make their profits & valuations. By offering free social apps with AI content feed, a vast majority of the population's time is burned out meaninglessly without any purpose. The path of the future generation is going nowhere but towards useless AI content feed and an unrealistic imaginary world. People were submerged into irrelevant user connections and content in the present social media era. Our audacious vision is to create a "Clean & Safe Social Network" that could touch billions of people's lives in the real world. Touching people's lives means the platform should give real-life positive values to the users, rather than just addictive content to consume.

How Different We Are From The Rest ?

Be Yourself

In Pepul, anyone can share their positivity through their life stories, showcase skills (talents) in their interests. Express yourself from your heart and be who you are.


Taking online to offline

Pepul helps to connect with positive like-minded real people both nearby & distant. In this way, anyone can share their skills and stories, connect with similarly interested people and create their communities in the real world with the help of hyperlocal features.

Touching people lives & Money will be byproduct

We strongly believe that it is possible to create lives for many people and also make money by properly monetizing the positive ecosystem.


Our Culture

We are going to create a platform with positive people-first culture. Our unique monetization model doesn't depend on trackers to show ads. In this way, we can create a great value not just for ourselves but for all the creators & make an impact in the users' lives. In addition to the mentioned aspects, we are planning to monetize the platform with our unique revenue model.